Sunday, May 31, 2009

SMKSBS Hari Guru 29/05/09 Hero by LaViDa

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hari Guru SMKSBS 2009

From left Zhexin, Ivan, and Lee Tat Wyng, our band's official video recorderman .

Zhexin and our band's lead guitarist Lai Mun Hou trying to take his guitar back .Haha .

From left Shan Huay, (sry I don't know his name), and Keith .What are they doing?Smoking?Haha .

Charlotte Wong was shy to face the camera .

My band members .From left myself, Darren Wong our drummer, and our lead guitarist Lai Mun Hou .

Lai Mun Hou and Tanesh .

The 3 musketeers .From left Ivan Lau, Aaron Tan, and See Wye Toong .

Another 3 musketeers .Haha .From left Hao Yi, Aaron and Lee Pak Kee .

My band having some fun .All so cool !!

Haha .Our official video recorderman Lee Tat Wyng trying his hands on the guitar and posing for it too .Looking cool !!

Ivan and his girlfriend Jee Yee .Haha .Joking only =P

Love the environment of my school !!

The middle one is my class .4 Jati is the best class I've been to .Good teachers, friends and atmosphere .Thats where myself and Lai Mun Hou formed the band LaViDa .

Crystal Lim trying to play the guitar .

This is myself singing the song Hero by Enrique Iglesias .

Lai Mun Hou performing the song Hero with his acoustic guitar .Cool !!

Darren Wong in and Tiara in action !!