Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wake Me Up When September Ends by LaViDa at the Talent Hunt Competition 2009 at SMK Seri Saujana

Hey guys... this was the song that we performed for the top 15... it's also short...
Nevertheless, we won the Best Performers Award out of 40 bands... So, Enjoy !!!

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by LaViDa at the Talent Hunt Competition 2009 at SMK Seri Saujana

Hey guys... this is the song that we performed for the elimination round... It's a little short because the judges stopped us... Hope you enjoy it.

Talent Hunt Competition 2009 at SMK Seri Saujana

Hi guys... My band joined the Telent Hunt Competition at SMK Seri Saujana...
It was great and we won the Best Performers Award out of 40 bands... It was a good result for us and here are some pictures...I'll update the videos later... And also I would like to thank Phillip for helping us record this.

This is our band with the hamper that we've won. From left is myself Victor, Darren, Mun Hou and Lee Yu Kit... The other two guys are our friends.

Our band and some new friends.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Manchester United vs Malaysia

I went to the match with my close and good friend.
My friend helped me to buy the tickets in Bukit Jalil and we went there by LRT.
The place was crowded with hardcore Man Utd fans.
Rooney puts United into the lead with a tap-in.
Rooney then set up another goal with an inch-perfect pass to Nani upfront and Nani then slotted it home beautifully. He finished it with his famous sommersault.
Malaysia scored a goal just before halftime and levelled it after the second half.
The winning goal for Man Utd was scored by debutant Michael Owen, scoring from outside the box. His scoring instincts is certainly as sharp as ever. Anyway, I want to say thank you 'my FRIEND' for inviting me to come along. It was a memorable experience watching my favourite team playing with 'YOU'.

The Bukit Jalil stadium.

Man Utd players with Malaysian players.

Man Utd and Malaysia in action.

Man Utd fans and Malaysian fans (if there is one).

Ben Foster practising during half time.

Man Utd players celebrating with debutant Michael Owen after he scored the winning goal for the Premier League Champions.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Prom Night 2009

Hey guys... I promised to update about the Prom Night this year.
Looks like my band is chosen to perform. We are given 15 minutes to perform and song.
Preferably love and romantic songs. I ought to get a suit for Prom Night because
after the performance, we will be joining the party. But I am freaking scared now, afraid that I might screw it up. Pray for me to perform well that night. Thank You...=)

Birthday Party in my house ! ! !

I had a BBQ Birthday Party at my house...
Many of my close friends came...
Thank You... my friends, especially The One and ONLY KAH KEI who was willing to come to the party and take a picture with me. Not forgetting my close friends Joshua, Aaron, Manoj, Wye Toong, Chun Wai, Phillip, Mun Hou, Bryan, Darren, Tat Wyng, Ivan, Muna, Shi Mun and Wee Pin. Thanks for coming !!!

The group picture. Isn't the girl on my left a lovely girl?

My family members and I. The woman in pink is my Grandma.The person on my left is my mum.

I was wondering... what is Joshua doing? Perhaps showing off his D60... Hahaha.

My family. From left, my sister, my dad, myself(The Tallest), and my mum.

My band members... Darren, Myself, and Lai Mun Hou.

And my unforgettable moment during the party. Kah Kei and I took this picture together. Kah Kei, I just want to say thank you for willingly coming and allowing me to take a picture with you. Appreciate that =)